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  4. Grind for the Title IX
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What’s Your Sport? is bringing a more competitive edge for all youth sports in the USA.

What We Offer:

Skills Combines/Camps/Workshops/ Clinics:

We aim at long term comprehensive training to assist the student-athlete in improving their mental and physical skills in, and their choice of sports. We target conditioning, ball handling, and footwork drills.



Recreational Division is design for less competitive teams to compete against teams that are still in the learning stages.

All-Star Division is design for highly competitive teams. This division of play will challenge and elevate their teams to the next level of play.



Tournaments are held throughout the year that offers a competitive edge. Our tournaments events attract teams from all over the USA and other countries. For more information or to register for one of our Events click on the Tournament tab.


@TeamFortWorth @HouHoopsGirls17 @DallasWings @duncanvillefh @tynjazzy09 @dontdomee @killeencougar20 @ccthunder12 @BridgeBBall @Coach_HP @graphiclion1 @Birdjpj_24 @cmdsportsgroup Thanks for inviting Houston Lady Hoops to WNBA game. We really enjoyed the Wings!

Last event of the season Battle in Texas @duncanvillefh for more info @GameSoTrue @BridgeBBall @YGC36hoops @TexasMeerkats @KickeyBrand01 @HouHoopsGirls17 @UrbanEliteGirls @AtxOutwork @OkExpressBball @Dallas_Showtyme @Texas_Supreme @CoachMjones3240

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