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  4. Grind for the Title IX
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January 26, 2018

Dear Student-Athletes, What happens when you come up against a situation in life that you aren’t able to resolve and don’t want to accept? It’s what I call being caught between a rock and a hard place, and it is undoubtedly a difficult place to be. However, I am here to say that when you…

January 6, 2018
Living in the moment

Dear Student-Athletes, As you start the New Year, I want to remind you about “living in the moment?” This is the ability to be fully present and aware of yourself and your surroundings as you live each moment. Achieving this state requires observation, appreciation, patience, quiet, and the ability to turn off the clock and…

December 16, 2017
Grind for the Title IX Pt. 2

Grind for the Title day two recap. Kicking off the second day of play started out with JFK (SAC) HS vs North Clovis HS. North Clovis came out ready to play. They score 10 unanswered points right off the back with their intensity of defense that they put on JFK. The 1st half of play…

December 16, 2017
Grind for the Title IX

Grind for the Title Basketball Showcase at Ygnacio HS The first Friday Night game action was between Kennedy vs Vallejo HSG. The game started off a little slow and ruff. Both teams had a lot of turnovers, the intensity was on level ten. At halftime the score is Kennedy 31 vs Vallejo 13. The high…

November 9, 2017
The Richardson Twins

I have a habit of going to games to see what hidden talent that I can see and write up about. Well I found two players who plays for Flower Mound Marcus HS. I would like to introduce to you from the Class of 2020 two amazing young student-athletes that I have had the pleasure…

November 5, 2017
DFW Hawks Basketball

This weekend I had the pleasure to attend the Pumpkin Patch Showdown basketball tournament held at the new sport facility Game On It in Fort Worth, TX. As I was there I notice a lot of hidden talent at this event. They had 3rd grade-Open HS division’s boys and girls. There was one organization that…

September 28, 2017
The Struggle is REAL

Dear Student-Athletes, Have you ever found yourself struggling with a difficult relationship, struggling to stay focus in class, struggling in whatever sports your in or a less than satisfying job, only to wonder what in the world could possibly be the underlying reason for your struggle? Certainly nearly everyone questions an unpleasant situation at some…

September 21, 2017
Athletes and Fear

Dear Athletes,     This week, I want to share a story, which I think we all can benefit from. A few months ago I had a visit from a young athlete who was definitely going through a rough patch in their  life. This athlete seemed to have a lot of fear that they were powerless to make…

September 17, 2017
Fall League Info

Dear Parents, Just a FYI for you to understand what Fall League is really about. Like school coaches, and travel coaches we use fall league to see new faces, and how old faces improved over the summer. But unlike other travel teams, I use it to evaluate parents as well. Why because no matter what…

September 15, 2017
Mediation Works

Dear. People,    With today’s hectic schedule together with the unsettling world news and events that bombard us daily, stress can easily creep into our lives. As an athlete, coach, trainer, and teacher this will have a mental and emotional strain that can wear on you, making you tired and haggard, and even disrupting our…