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June 29, 2017
NCAA LIve Period

Dear Student-Athletes, A great event is about to take place, and you’re in direct line to have all your skills, team play and hard work seen during the NCAA Basketball Live Period.  For once, it’s your time to shine! I know you’ve been on the brink of giving up hope; and just when you’ve about given…

June 25, 2017
STOP Sabotaging Yourself

Dear Student-athlete Please stop sabotaging yourself and realize your true destiny. Stop dwelling on the past, about what coach that did this, or what coach who didn’t do this. It’s time to let that go and focus on the right now. You’ve come a long way, but you still have so much you want/need to…

June 21, 2017
Travel Coaches Life

Here is an Real honest look at the life of a Travel/Club Coaches Life. This is a look into what coaching looks like for the majority of youth sports travel team coaches. The arguments with parents, the arguments with the spouses, the time given players parents who forget it’s not about them it’s about the…

June 20, 2017
Being a Copy Cat

A Copy Cat can “NEVER’’ be an ORIGINAL! Teams/Programs that can’t train and or develop their own athletes from scratch, run into problems when they can no longer steal them from teams/programs that can. The sad part is that by the time the parent and the kid realize that they are not getting better or…

June 12, 2017
Keep Pushing

Dear Student-Athletes, This can still be your year! But the very first thing you need to do is put yourself on an even playing field. Far too many of your friends and family (even some individuals that you only barely encounter) have an unfair advantage over you. Are you prepared to get on another level?…

June 8, 2017
How bad do you really want it?

Calling ALL Athletes, HOW BAD DO YOU REALLY WANT IT? If you call yourself an athlete and you want to take it to the NEXT LEVEL, but can’t run continuously for 12 minutes without falling out or getting exhausted, you ARE NOT READY. This isn’t to hurt your feelings; it’s to get you to be…

June 8, 2017
Skills Events 2017

Calling all female ballers! This Combine is for YOU! Test your skills and see where you stand against others. There will be National Media Services, Scouts, Sports Bloggers and excellent training crew present at this Combine. For more info go to to sign your ballin diva up!

June 6, 2017
Are You Grateful

    How grateful would you say you are? Did you know that your gratitude level can directly affect your sports career and your happiness? Now that may sound strange, but I’ve seen it time and time again in my work with student-athletes. I have guided many athletes whose way of doing things wasn’t on…

June 2, 2017
What Are You Doing To Stand Out?

Dear basketball player, As I watched you and several teams play these past weekends in April during the NCAA live period, I noticed that there were some players that stood out right off the bat, and then there was YOU.  I could see that those players that stood out put in the necessary work to…