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August 24, 2017
Sowing Into Our Youth

Dear Everybody,     When I was a little girl, my grandmother (HM Guillory) used to tell me that good deeds were the building blocks of a good life. I didn’t completely understand that concept then, but now I do and I’m very much in agreement with it. The movie “Pay it Forward” is a good example…

August 23, 2017
Letters to the Parents

Dear Parents, This is a message for you, and how you’re helping to destroy the nature of sports. These are my thoughts and these are my opinions. I have been noticing a huge change or as the church folks say a shifting in my spirit. People or should I say parents have become so dramatic…

August 10, 2017
Chronicles of Rants

Dear Everybody, This is my end of summer rants from the NCAA Live Events. These are in no certain order. And I’m sure some of my peeps will find the humor in these rants. The NCAA viewing period has brought out a lot of foolishness from parents, coaches, event directors and media services. And all…